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About Us


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                Our Practice:


Our practice is devoted exclusively to the defense of those charged with serious felony offenses. Our practice areas focus on individuals charged with drug offenses in state and federal court, sex offenses, and other serious violent offenses. We represent people charged in the area of Criminal Law which include those who are facing, for example:


  • Drug Offenses (In state and federal court):

            1.     Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substances

            2.     Delivery of Controlled Substances, (e.g. crack cocaine,   

                    powder cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin)

            3.     Marijuana grow operations

            4.     Other drug manufacturing offenses

            5.     Firearm violations

            6.     Money laundering


  • Sex Offenses:

            1.     Rape of a Child

            2.     Child Molestation

            3.     Forced Rape

            4.     Indecent liberties


  • Serious Violent Offenses:

            1. Felony Assault

            2. Murder

            3. Manslaughter

            4. Kidnapping

            5. Drive-by shootings

            6. Gang crimes    

            7. Robbery

            8. 3-Strikes Offenses

            9. Burglary


We represent those charged with any of the above described practice areas and case types because of a very simple principal: The Crowley Law Firm will participate in representing only those whom we can serve with skill, aggressiveness, and expertise gained from years working only in the field of criminal law John Crowley has practiced his entire career.