[WA] What can we do about a car parked in our paid parking spot? via /r/legaladvice

[WA] What can we do about a car parked in our paid parking spot?

Came home to a truck parked in our paid parking spot at our apartment complex. We can prove we pay for the spot, it's in our lease, and the pavement is clearly marked that it's not an open spot.

Knock on doors? Did that for the entire building near it (17 apartments) but there are a dozen buildings and we don't want to disrupt everyone's Thanksgiving evening, even though ours is now very disrupted with my husband waiting in the car for a spot and our toddler now screaming that she can see him out the window but can't go see him. Super.

Towing signs? Oh we have them, but residents for some stupid reason can't sign off on tows currently according to the towing company.

Call our emergency maintenance line? Did that, they said the office has to handle it.

Call the office? They're closed because not only is it night, but it's Thanksgiving.

Call the police? Called the non-emergency number, spoke with a sheriff, it's private property so there's nothing they can do.

The women that run our leasing office are amazing and I have no doubt that when they open at 9am tomorrow if the truck is still there they will tow it, and they'll refund us for one day of parking. But that doesn't really help right now when there are literally no other parking spots available. We're waiting for one to come available, but it's been an hour so we're not hopeful.

Do we have any remaining legal options to tow a car from private property when we can prove we have rights to the rented space? Can we legally block them in somehow to ensure they do get towed?

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