True Justice — Kurt Bonser Not Guilty Of Attempted Murder

After the verdict was read at 8:30 A.M. this morning by the trial judge, defendant Kurt Bonser could be heard saying that it is true, true, justice – when a man in a small town and who had allegedly been a pimp for years can still be found not guilty of Attempted First Degree Murder by an elected trial judge who has everything to lose (namely the next election) and nothing to gain by finding him not guilty.  This was not an easy case, to be sure, but Mr. Bonser was more than a little concerned that a jury would completely shut down after hearing that Mr. Bonser allegedly pimped a young girl since she was 12-years old, turned her into a heroin addict, later raped her and impregnated her and then allegedly tried to kill her after she agreed to testify against him in the rape trial.  These horrendous “facts” were really just wild accusations by the prosecution that did not hold truth.  Mr. Bonser is a smart fellow, indeed, and the idea of waiving his right to a jury trial was his idea (that I quickly latched onto).  It was a rather technical case in which a jury would not have likely ignored all of the passion “facts” (see above trash talk) as they would have been instructed to do.  Yet we had a very bright, aggressive and attentive trial judge, that was clearly fair and very attentive to both sides.  Mr. Bonser was the classic “good client”…he was a good guy to work with, courteous and understanding and in the end he really helped defend himself.