Tips for Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Divorces are painful. While some couples are able to resolve differences amicably, others require mediators and a good divorce attorney in order to receive a fair division of property. Choosing the right divorce attorney is important. When property, assets, custody, or alimony is an issue, a good attorney can ensure your survival. Here are a few tips for choosing the best divorce attorney.

1. Get Referrals

Everyone knows a divorced couple. Thus, begin by asking for referrals from family, friends, co-workers, etc. Furthermore, inquire about divorce attorneys that should be avoided. Just because a person obtains a law degree and specializes in family law, does not mean that they are skilled with handling a divorce proceeding.

2. Personal Preferences

Understandably, husbands prefer male attorney’s, whereas wives generally seek a female attorney. In most cases, a same-sex lawyer is able to emphathize with your situation. Besides, he or she may have gone through a similar situation. Still, never select an attorney based solely on their sex. Choose an attorney based on skills.

3. Get a Free Consultation

Before selecting an attorney, obtain a free consultation. This way, you can assess whether you and the attorney are a good fit. Make good use of the free consultation. This is the time to discuss what you hope to gain from the divorce. For example, will there be equal division of assets and property? Are you seeking full custody? Is alimony a concern? Some divorce proceeding become nasty. If you are headed in that direction, ask your attorney for an honest evaluation of your sitatuation. For example, are your demands too rigid or realistic. There is no reason to fight a losing battle.

4. Experience

Inquire about the lawyer’s experience. If you are comfortable with being represented by a recent graduate or rookie attorney, consider using one. In some instances, the fee for new attorneys are slightly less than a more seasoned attorney. On the other hand, if your divorce proceeding has potential for becoming complicated, opt for an experienced lawyer.

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