Rescued a licensed dog in abuser hands via /r/legaladvice

Rescued a licensed dog in abuser hands

•licensed to original owners (whom I assume paid a pretty penny for this purebred) who moved away •the people they left him with clearly starved him and rehomed him via CL for $40

My coworker feels I need to report them. I feel like they couldn't afford to feed him and their household, or maintain their 40 acre property.

This lady has a family and she did the right thing finding a new home for him. Yes, the neglect is awful but he'll be okay. I don't want to ruin this woman's life or add any more grievance to her already existing and apparent struggles.

What do I do? I'm reregistering him tomorrow under my name but wanted to be armed with some sage advice before moving forward.

Submitted November 09, 2018 at 04:26AM by AlaskanDust
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