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Renter’s insurance issues [NY]

Hi everyone, so long story short, I have had renter's insurance for about just short of a year before it came a time when I had to use it. My house got broken into, I filed the claim, made a police report, the insurance company talked to my fiancee for 'independent verification, and now they are asking me to meet with G4S (which I looked up, is a securities company).

Each of their replies to my emails took weeks if not no contact for a month sometimes, and as hard as I tried, I never got to speak to my insurance claims handler. Should I be worried? Will I be finally paid my claim? What exactly should I expect?

From my claims handler she said: "They will get a recorded statement from you and (my fiancee's name), and obtain documentation pertinent to this claim". They already got both, and it's been months since I sent them all the documentation they asked for. What exactly is going on here?

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