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Paid sick time in Oregon

My wife works at a shoe store in Oregon as the assistant manager in an hourly position. Currently, the store is understaffed because the manager refuses to hire people she doesn’t know personally. This has cause some problems in my wife’s ability to use her sick time that she has accrued. My wife has gone into work with a fever and migraine before simply because the manager will always tell her the same thing: “if you can’t find someone to cover, then you can’t call in. You need to be there.” This is a huge problem because her and the manager are the only ones that are full time, so she doesn’t let the two part time employees cover her shifts because they might go over in hours. The manager says it’s a “company policy” but we have gone through all the handbooks and there is nothing in them about having to find someone to cover your shift if you’re sick or have an emergency. Is she allowed to deny my wife her accrued sick time for this reason?

TL;DR My wife’s manager will not allow my wife to use her sick time because there is no one who can cover her shift. Is this allowed?

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