[PA] My two friends were evicted but one thought they owned the house via /r/legaladvice

[PA] My two friends were evicted but one thought they owned the house

I know an older couple in PA who have owned a house for decades. The husband has an addiction and is known for lying and stealing money from his wife. He also is showing signs of early stage dementia. I know them closely and need advice on how this might have happened, if what he's saying is even possible.

Apparently, for 5 years the husband pocketed the money that should have gone towards property tax. The wife thought this money was paid and accounted for. Two years ago, the house was then taken by the borough and sold to a new owner. The husband signed a lease with the new owner to rent to own. The husband failed to pay rent, leading to an eviction. Notices we're placed on the door but the husband removed them. Their mail goes to a PO Box and he vets all of what she sees. On the day of the eviction the wife had no knowledge that she did not own the home she lived in. In fact, the home was originally a wedding present decades ago from her (now deceased) relative and I believe the home would have solely been in her name if not jointly owned. The husband had told the new owner that she had died from cancer (she does have cancer…) and the new owner was surprised she was there at the time of eviction. The lease only involved the husband. The wife never signed any documents pertaining to the sale/forclosure/rental of the home.

Is this possible?

1) The couple never moved out of the home during any of this process until the day police came to the door to evict immediately. Does it sound like the home wasnt actually forclosed on (I'm not sure if that's even the correct term to use)?

2) She would have had at least partial ownership of the home. Did she have to sign anything or be officially served for the sale of the home to take place?

I'm worried he forged her signature. How much trouble might he be in? Does it matter if he claims he has dementia?

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