My roommate keeps eating my food even though I have confronted him many times via /r/legaladvice

My roommate keeps eating my food even though I have confronted him many times

I am a college student (United States, Illinois) and got matched with a random roommate by my apartment company and we both signed individual one-year leases. I have never met this man before (he doesn't go to school, and works a part time job at a restaurant). Ever since week one I've noticed some of my food missing. Weird to eat someone else's food when you've barely talked to them but I let it slide. This happened constantly so I confronted him and he said he will stop. Well what do you know? He didn't and a week later I got really pissed and told me he owes me $40 for all the food hes eaten. He said he was really sorry and doesn't want "bad blood" between us and he paid me back after two weeks. A few weeks goes by and I finally feel my food is safe. Then today, my entire tub of Greek yogurt was gone, my bread was eaten, and half my jar of jelly gone.


I don't even know what I can do in this situation now. I read my lease and it states the apartment company will not be responsible for any personal conflict between us. I am also on a really tight budget so this is starting to affect my financial situation. Additionally, with the weather starting to get cold, its getting harder and harder to walk to the grocery store to get food since I don't have a car.


I just can't believe someone can be this childish where even after being confronted, he won't stop. Whats more is that last time I brought it up and mentioned the word "stealing" he was appalled and didn't consider it stealing. Does anyone know what I can do in this situation? I was considering a food safe but they are pretty pricey for the size. Thanks for reading and any advice.


Edit: I also have a minifridge in my room but its not enough room for some items (especially frozen). I also tend to buy in bulk since going all the way to the grocery store and back takes a good chunk of time of of my day.

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