Kurt Bonser trial in Yakima – Attempted Murder by Automobile?

Kurt Bonser of Yakima was accused of having “pimped” a 13-year old into of the life of prostitution and heroin use. At some point, he was charged with the rape of that same person and impregnating her. According to the prosecution, Mr. Bonser was afraid she would testify against him about that rape. After allegedly commandeering her on a Yakima street, Mr. Bonser supposedly took her to a secluded alley to finish the job by permanently silencing her. A neighbor testified that he saw Mr. Bonser beating the girl about the head with a “football sized” rock. (the girl’s DNA was later found on that rock). Believing that Mr. Bonser would kill the person, he grabbed a .30 caliber rifle from his closet and confronted Mr. Bonser by announcing his presence just as Mr. Bonser stated “I am going to kill you b – - – -”. Seeing the man with the rifle, Mr. Bonser jumped into his car to leave…the witness claimed that he thought Mr. Bonser was going to kill the girl by running her over with the automobile. The witness shot through the windshield of the car hitting Mr. Bonser in the chest who barely survived the ordeal.

Because of the extreme alleged facts of this case involving rape, prostitution, and heroin use all by a 13-year old girl and a 50-year old defendant, along with the severity of the alleged assault, Mr. Bonser chose to waive his right to a jury trial. This is a reasonable and aggressive decision that may be made in cases where a “real” technical defense (as we clearly have here) to extremely serious charges such as these exist. A decision is expected soon.