[IL] Ring stolen from our home by (I think) one of a few people working there. via /r/legaladvice

[IL] Ring stolen from our home by (I think) one of a few people working there.

My wife's engagement ring (worth in excess of $10k) was stolen from our home. She hasn't worn the ring in about 5 months because it didn't fit due to weight loss and only noticed it missing today.

In that time we've had 5 different babysitters in the house, all contracted by the same company. Those are the only people who have been in our house outside of our direct supervision during that time.

The ring is GIA certified, so I believe there is a serial number which may be able to be tracked if the thief attempted to pawn it.

I'm not sure what my next steps should be.

Should I contact the company the babysitters are contracted through and see if there have been complaints about the sitters we've had? (I assume they might want to stay quiet for fear of liability)

Should I contact some local pawn shops and see if the ring appeared in their stores? (the ring is fairly unique)

Or should I go directly to the police and file a report? (I will need to do this anyway if I need to file an insurance claim)

If I'm reading the statute correctly, this would be considered a class 2 felony, so it could be a significant issue for the person(s) involved.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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