Hit a parked car, had no pens or pencils Left cash and left via /r/legaladvice

Hit a parked car, had no pens or pencils Left cash and left

I was late for class and while turning into a tight spot (because this white car parked way to far to the side) and it was the only available spot in the lot so I pulled in and heard a bump so I got outside and saw three 1 inch scratches on its side. I got really scared and parked in a different lot and went to class. Nobody was around as I was the only person in the lot. After class I went to my car to search for a note and pen/pencil but only found notebook paper Without something to write with I left a note so i went to the bank and got 150$ in cash and left it between the windshield wiper. I found a spot 20 down or so from the white car and waited 30 minutes but no one came. I was waiting from about 1:30-2:15 until I left. I waited for someone to come and left cash so could I still get in big trouble? I feel really bad about this and it's eating me up inside. Please help me I don't know what to do Thanks. (California)

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