Divorce Without a Lawyer: Is it a Wise Choice?

Divorce Without a Lawyer

Although there are many different documents online that an individuals can use to file for divorce, it does not mean that it is a wise choice to try to obtain a divorce without a lawyer. There are many different steps to the divorce process and the individual must make sure that all the documents are filled out correctly, that all documents are submitted to the proper people and places, and that all the assets and children are agreed upon in the divorce settlement before the divorce can be approved by the court. This is a very time consuming process and there are many different details that can be left out if the person is not familiar with the law and what it entails in regard to divorce. Getting a divorce without a lawyer is like trying to learn to swim by jumping into deep water without a life vest; chances are, the person is going to drown. There are less expensive divorce lawyers that can be found, but finding a free divorce lawyer is impossible in most cases.
Steps in the Process

The first step to obtaining a divorce without a lawyer is to file a petition for the divorce. There is paperwork online to do this. The information that is needed entails the personal information about all parties involved, the children involved and all the assets that the couple owns. The assets can be complicated, depending on the couple, including the house, cars, rental properties, investments, retirement accounts and more. If the person is not very familiar with all that they own, some things might get left out of the petition. The individual will also have to know what legal grounds for a divorce are, and without a lawyer he might not be certain of all the legal options. There are some divorce cases where one of the parties is at fault, such as in the case of spousal or child abuse, or in the case of adultery. In other cases, it may be that there are irreconcilable differences between the couple, and they will have to prove what they have done to work things out.

Once the petition has been filed, the next step is in obtaining a divorce without a lawyer is to submit the divorce paperwork to the other party involved, either to the lawyer or to the person himself. This requires proof that the paperwork has been received by the other person so that they can also file a response to the paperwork, stating their reasons for or against the divorce, any arguments against the fault issue, and any disagreements in the settlement of property or visitation. This is where the divorce without a lawyer can get ugly since there is usually some sort of dispute between parties that has to be resolved for the court to grant the divorce.

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