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When you need a criminal defense in state or federal court, call The Crowley Law Firm. Armed with experience and committed to your rights, we use the very latest in legal, medical and scientific expertise to defend you aggressively and effectively.

Call 206-624-7500 for criminal defense representation.
We offer a free consultation.

Our firm is exclusively devoted to providing criminal defense for defendants who face the most serious of felony allegations. From drug offenses to capital murder, our legal team has taken on some of the toughest cases and successfully obtained “not guilty” verdicts. We have also facilitated clients in the plea bargaining process and negotiated for reductions and even dismissals of their charges.

Regardless of the allegations and evidence against you, you are entitled to the benefits of legal counsel. We take very seriously that you are, “…innocent until proven guilty…” So don’t give up hope. Call us. We have assisted clients with cases involving:

  • Distribution and conspiracy to distribute controlled substances (i.e., crack cocaine, powder cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, etc.)
  • Transport and delivery of controlled substances
  • Methamphetamine “crystal meth” manufacturing
  • Marijuana growing operations
  • Firearms violations
  • Money Laundering

  • Rape of a child
  • Molestation of a child
  • Forced rape
  • Indecent liberties, which is sexual misconduct imposed upon a ward or patient of an institution or facility designed for the purpose of custodial care.

  • Assault
  • Murder in its varying degrees
  • Manslaughter in its varying degrees
  • Burglary and/or robbery
  • Gang related crimes
  • Drive-by shootings
  • 3 Strikes offenses

We know the challenges that you are facing, when your life, your future and your freedom are hanging in the balance. And that is why we take our jobs and your concerns so seriously. At our firm, we provide our clients with:

  • State of the art legal resources
  • Expert witness testimony
  • DNA analysis and forensic science specialists
  • State and Federal courtroom experience
  • Insight into the strategies utilized by the prosecution

Expect us to scrutinize every detail related to the details and evidence of your case. As a matter of procedure we always request the documentation associated with your arrest to determine if there was a potential breach of your 4th Amendment rights related to illegal search and seizure. To ensure that your rights were upheld, we thoroughly examine:

  • The specific verbiage of the affidavit submitted to obtain your search warrant
  • The reports of the law enforcement officials who delivered and performed the warranted search
  • The inventory list of the evidence that was obtained as a result of the search
  • The official police reports pertaining to your arrest and the charges being brought against you as a result of the search

With the right approach and thoroughly prepared arguments, virtually anything is possible. The important thing to remember as a defendant is that there is always hope – and that your rights and freedoms are worth fighting for! If you or a loved one is facing high stakes felony allegations, call our firm today!

Call 206-624-7500 for criminal defense representation.
We offer a free consultation.

We provide legal defense representation in Seattle, Washington as well as Tacoma, Vancouver, Everett, Bellingham, Spokane, Yakima, Richland, Kennewick, Pasco and throughout the state of Washington. No defense attorney or firm can make any guarantees about the outcome of your case. However, we can provide you with state of the art, cost effective legal counsel to help you face the charges levied against you before the courts.