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Search And Seizure – Washington State Supreme Court Limits Vehicle Searches 8-1 – Seattle Defense Lawyer News

In a further clarification of the right to privacy in Washington State, The State Supreme Court ruled 8-1 that “…the search for evidence of the crime-of-arrest does not qualify as an acceptable warrantless search, and they rejected arguments of prosecutors from around the state who warned in pleadings that forcing officers to obtain warrants to search a car after every arrest will be time-consuming and have other impacts on law enforcement.” Lila Silverstein, an attorney with the Washington Appellate Project said it was... Read More

Trial By Media – Opinion From Seattle Defense Lawyer News

The Trayvon Martin, Robert Bales and Amanda Knox cases show why the search for the truth won’t to be found in the taking of sides based solely on press reports. Regardless of how you perceive these recent high profile cases, and whether your information comes from this side or that, the true resolution of these cases should come within the criminal justice system. As Seattle criminal defense attorneys who have defended high-profile clients, we are very familiar with this phenomenon of “trial by media.” If you have been... Read More

Seattle Defense Lawyer News — Where Does Washington State Stand On “Stand Your Ground”?

The Crowley Law Firm PLLC, criminal defense attorneys practicing in Washington State, with offices in Yakima, WA, is well aware of  the defense for clients under the “stand your ground” doctrine. However it came to be may surprise you. An excellent piece from KNDU in Spokane gives this now controversial doctrine some context. “In Washington, it came from our State Supreme Court, not our legislature, but it specifically states that a person does not have a duty to retreat.  In other words, they have the right to stand... Read More

Probation And Parole — New Programs May Be Signed Into Law — Seattle Defense Lawyer News

Washington State is poised to become the first state to have a novel new program for dealing with probation and parole violations. It includes swift and sure justice for offenders of probation or parole but also has shown in the experimental program to reduce drug use and recidivism. Modeled after a program in Hawaii, violators would be subject to immediate arrest and incarceration for infractions but in micro-sentencing terms of 3 to 30 days and sometimes more for more serious offences.. The Senate bill 6204 may pass due to the... Read More

Juvenile Life Sentences Re-Considered

The Supreme Court heard two cases last week regarding life sentences for juveniles tried as adults for homicides.  The cases  Miller v. Alabama and Jackson v. Hobbs were discussed in oral arguments (you can read an update on the questions the justices asked here). The court has earlier ruled in Graham v. Florida that “life without parole” is unconstitutional for non-homicidal crimes committed by juvenile offenders. The Crowley Law Firm PLLC — practicing criminal defense attorneys in Seattle, Yakima, Bellevue, Renton,... Read More