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Spokane WA Criminal Defense Attorney

A Spokane WA criminal defense attorney in our firm is dedicated to pursuing justice for defendants who are facing serious felony allegations. We provide our clients with the aggressive and committed legal representation it takes to help them face the courts – and the prosecution – with confidence.

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At The Crowley Law Firm, we believe that every defendant is entitled to state of the art, competent and reliable representation. We know that the charges you are facing can be intimidating. Sexual offenses, drug charges and violent felonies carry stiff sentences and astronomical fines – some ranging into the hundreds of thousands of dollars – and a guilty verdict based upon any serious crime can be ruinous.

A Spokane WA criminal defense attorney from our practice can help provide you with the legal, medical and scientific resources that are needed to clear your name or avoid a lengthy prison term. From the onset of your arrest to presenting your case before the state or federal courts, we make use of the latest technologies in DNA profiling and forensic science to base your defense on facts and logic – and to uphold your innocence.

The following list is a glimpse into some of the strategies that might be utilized to present your case:

  • Absence of Intent to Commit a Crime – This defense is useful when the circumstantial evidence indicates the commission of a crime, but the facts determine that, due to a lack of intent, no crime was actually committed.
  • Duress – This defense can be implemented when a defendant has been bullied or coerced into performing or participating in a criminal act under the threat of harm.
  • Entrapment – This defense is useful when law enforcement officials (or agents working on their behalf) coerce, manipulate or compel a targeted individual into committing a crime.
  • Insufficient Evidence – This defense can be utilized when there is little or no factual evidence to link a defendant with the crime in question.
  • Your Spokane WA criminal defense attorney will review the full range of strategies that will be utilized in composing the arguments for your case.

Call 206-624-7500 for a Spokane WA criminal defense attorney.
We offer a free consultation.

We provide Spokane WA criminal defense attorney services. No lawyer or firm can make any guarantees about the outcome of your case. However, we can provide you with state of the art, effective legal counsel to help you face the charges levied against you before the courts.