Burned by espresso machine at work (FL) via /r/legaladvice

Burned by espresso machine at work (FL)

One of the steam wands on our coffee shop's espresso machines always leaks a bit of steam, so the metal arm is always extremely hot. This wand gave md a small second degree burn on the back of my arm, and I brought it up to my manager to ask her when they'd get it fixed (soon, I was told, but no definite date). A few weeks later, I give myself an even larger second degree burn on the top of my arm. Complain to manager again, again given no definite plan to get it fixed besides "soon."

I don't really care about compensation for injuries or anything, I just want them to fix the problem because I don't want to keep on getting burned. Any suggestions of things I can threaten to help increase the priority of fixing the espresso machine?

Submitted November 23, 2018 at 11:10AM by gilm0re3
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