Attorney Mitch Harrison handles post conviction and appeals cases for The Crowley Law Firm.


A criminal appeals lawyer

from our firm can pursue justice in the higher courts, when you have been wrongfully convicted or unfairly sentenced during a criminal trial. The results of the original verdict may have been devastating and disheartening, especially when you are innocent – or for any other reason you would refuse to accept the court’s decision. Don’t give up. Call The Crowley Law Firm and let us fight for the justice that you deserve!

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Regardless of the allegations and evidence against you, you are entitled to the benefit of legal counsel.

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A criminal appeals attorney can shed light on the options available to you, when you have been convicted and sentenced based upon charges for crimes that you did not commit – or a punishment you refuse to accept. We know that your initial response may be to throw your hands up and simply accept the rulings of the court. However, you need not sit idly and contemplate the ways in which you will learn to cope. Don’t let the disappointment knock the wind out of your sails. There are legal measures by which such problems can be addressed. The higher courts can be petitioned for a review of the facts that have resulted in your wrongful, unacceptable or unfair conviction.

What is a Criminal Appeal?

The task of a criminal appeals attorney is to provide the higher courts with a legal brief pertaining to the oversights, indiscretions and inconsistencies that were carried out during the course of the lower court trial. The appellate courts are comprised of a three-judge panel; it is their job to determine if any legal mistakes or misinterpretations of the law were made during the original trial. In certain courts, the panel may permit oral arguments to be heard. However, the sole purpose of the appellate panel is to review the original criminal trial record for procedural and legal errors.

A criminal appeals attorney from our firm will petition the higher courts for a review of the transcripts and evidence that led to the unjust outcome of your trial. We will provide an outline and overview of the trial documents for the appellate panel, and highlight the portions of the proceeding that we feel exemplify the measures of injustice that directly affected the fairness and accuracy of your verdict. A guilty verdict is not necessarily the correct verdict in terms of truth, degree and justice. If you are pursuing an appeal to your trial, call us today!

A criminal appeals attorney can potentially help you to:

  • Unlock the door to a dismissal of all of the charges against you
  • Receive the opportunity to plead guilty via plea bargain to the terms of a lesser charge and walk away with time served
  • Overturn the conviction or possibly reducte your sentence
  • Receive a reversal of your conviction and a noted remand to the lower courts for a new trial

Our criminal appeals attorney can explain each of the possibilities with you in full detail. We provide representation to clients in need of a criminal appeals attorney in Seattle, Washington as well as Tacoma, Vancouver, Everett, Bellingham, Spokane, Yakima, Richland, Kennewick, Pasco and throughout the state of Washington. No defense attorney or firm can make any guarantees about the outcome of your case. However, we can provide you with effective legal counsel to help you face the charges levied against you before the courts.