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Violent Offenses

Crowley Law Firm Handles Your Violent Crime Defense

Have you been the subject of false allegations, investigated or arrested concerning felony charges of a violent offense in Seattle or elsewhere in Washington?

You may not have been present when the violent attack in question took place. You may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. You may have been led astray by others you trusted. One person you can trust is John Crowley of The Crowley Law Firm in Seattle.

Mr. Crowley is an effective, aggressive former prosecutor who battles to the bitter end for his clients. While other lawyers may suggest that you throw up your hands in defeat, right off the bat, pleading guilty to something you may not have done, John Crowley is throwing himself into your case, working hard to win back your freedom.

His law firm was founded 11 years ago on the sincere belief in the phrase "innocent until proven guilty." That means you. Attorney Crowley will call upon every talent and criminal defense resource at his disposal to fight those who would seek to prove you guilty.

Contact The Crowley Law Firm today by phone or e-mail so Mr. Crowley can hear the details of the charges against you.

Aggressive, Experienced Criminal Defense Legal Representation

Don't hesitate to call The Crowley Law Firm immediately at 206.388.2461 if you have been charged in Washington state or federal court with a serious violent offense such as:

Each of those charges can carry huge penalties for you, in fines and incarceration, especially at the federal level. You should have an advocate and confidant in your corner who brings a solid track record to the task of representing your rights.

Arrange to visit The Crowley Law Firm's Seattle law office, or Mr. Crowley can come to you. Your initial consultation and case evaluation is available free of charge.

Free Initial Consultations, Effective Representation

Write this phone number down: 206.388.2461. Then use it. Your future could depend on it. John Crowley looks forward to meeting you and hearing about what you're up against.