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Murder / Manslaughter

Aggressive Homicide and Manslaughter Defenses Since 1997

Are you about to stand trial for a "three strikes" violent offense such as murder or manslaughter or serious felony assault in Washington state?

Were the homicide charges against you filed in connection with a felony drug offense or gang crime?

If so, you should have an accomplished former prosecutor by your side, a respected defense lawyer who has made waves in high-profile criminal cases in Seattle and throughout the state for years.

That attorney is John Crowley at The Crowley Law Firm. You can expect experienced, aggressive representation of your rights and the highest level of personal service, now and in the future.

False allegations that you have ended a human life are as serious as it gets in an American courtroom. Only the most focused, convincing defense of your legal position can achieve the positive outcome you're looking for.

Attorney Crowley is renowned for his use of evidence, testimony and persuasive strategies to clients' advantages. He can convey your side of the story with eloquence and effectiveness.

Don't settle for a lawyer who doesn’t care about his clients, when it is time to place your life in a lawyer's hands. Contact The Crowley Law Firm today. Call 206.388.2461 to speak with John Crowley, free of charge.

Seattle's Crowley Law Firm: Experienced, Aggressive, Successful

John Crowley is an attorney who carefully inspects every facet of your arrest for murder, manslaughter or assault. He will refute the role of circumstantial evidence in your case. He interviews witnesses and weighs evidence with meticulous skill. You will appreciate the hard work and client commitment he displays, throughout your work together.

His investigators' findings and analysis of a crime scene can be powerful tools for your defense. If evidence was mishandled, if an inconsistency in police testimony can be found, Mr. Crowley will find it. His law office follows all leads. His years as a prosecutor serve him well in confounding opposing counsel.

He has access to scientists, psychologists, ballistics and handwriting experts. Toxicology and voice recognition are two more assets in his arsenal. From firearms to forensics, every resource that The Crowley Law Firm can muster will be at your disposal.

When your freedom, family and future are on the line, when the stakes are at their highest, be in touch with John Crowley's Seattle criminal defense law office.

Don't Delay. Call Today. 206.388.2461.

When the felony criminal charge against you is murder or manslaughter, don't waste time. Arrange a discussion with The Crowley Law Firm by contacting John Crowley today.