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Marijuana Grow Operations

Defending You Against Charges of Growing Marijuana

Are you about to stand trial in a Seattle or Washington court for allegedly being a part of a marijuana grow operation?

Don't allow yourself to be another casualty of the government's well-financed war on drugs. Your conviction on these charges, state or federal, will likely have serious repercussions on your life and the lives of your family.

For more than 11 years, the criminal defense law office of The Crowley Law Firm has handled these cases and worked hard to preserve the rights and freedoms of people exactly like you. Whether the grow operation charges originate in a city like Bellingham or involve allegations of marijuana smuggling from Canada, you can count on Mr. Crowley for experienced, aggressive legal representation.

John Crowley is a former prosecutor. He gets inside the heads of opposing counsel and can preempt prosecution strategies. When a prosecutor zigs, he zags. His connections with investigators and drug experts are solid.

The sum of these parts could amount to a fair shake for you in court. Contact The Crowley Law Firm by phone or e-mail if a marijuana grow operation criminal charge threatens your future.

Are You Facing a Marijuana Criminal Offense? Call 206.388.2461 Now.

Marijuana-related felony criminal allegations that The Crowley Law Firm can defend you against includes charges of:

  • Possession (More Than 40 Grams)
  • Delivery and Manufacture
  • Distribution to a Minor
  • Sale or Distribution in a Restricted Area

Fines and penalties for future offenses increase markedly. Possession, sale or distribution of marijuana within a school zone or to minors, for instance, carries especially harsh penalties.

Don't let these outcomes become a reality in your life. When you have been accused of being a part of a marijuana grow operation in Washington, act and act fast. Notify The Crowley Law Firm and tell John Crowley the details of the charges against you.

Contact The Crowley Law Firm for a Free Consultation

Calling this phone number right now may lead to your freedom, an opportunity to rejoin your family and retain a clean record with the law. It's 206.388.2461. Contact criminal defense lawyer John Crowley today for your free consultation.