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Internet Sex Crimes

Experienced, Aggressive Defense Against Criminal Charges

If you have been accused of an Internet sex crime such as solicitation of a minor or possession or distribution of child pornography in the state of Washington, The Crowley Law Firm in Seattle can put on an experienced, resourceful and aggressive representation of your rights in court.

Attorney John Crowley has actively protected the interests of people like you since 1997. Mr. Crowley is a former prosecutor who can anticipate and fend off a prosecutor's tactics.

The charge against you could be that of luring a minor, attempted sexual assault or contact, distribution of child pornography or kidnapping. The Crowley Law Firm will be in your corner all the way, from start to finish of your case.

John Crowley is the kind of trial lawyer who has a way with evidence, investigations, negotiation and litigation. He has a personality that connects with judges and juries and allowing him to make persuasive presentations on your behalf.

If you suspect that you are being investigated for a federal Internet or sex offense, call Mr. Crowley's full-service criminal defense law office at 206.388.2461 . You can also contact him by e-mail to set up a free initial consultation.

Bring Your Internet Sex Crimes Charges to Us: The Crowley Law Firm

The stakes are high, in internet sex crime cases, for your reputation and that of your family. You risk not only a prison sentence and substantial fines, but registration as a sexual offender too. The stigma of such a conviction can follow a person for years, singling them out from society and frustrating personal and professional progress.

This is when you are at your most vulnerable, and why you should have proven legal counsel by your side. John Crowley doesn't want to see you coerced or incriminated by the system. He can safeguard your rights with consistently conscientious and compassionate representation.

Bring the facts of your case to The Crowley Law Firm. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference that a devoted advocate's knowledge of law can make in your life. Arrange your free initial consultation today.

Contact Our Seattle Law Office. Free Initial Consultations.

The phone number to call is 206.388.2461. Contacting The Crowley Law Firm could be key to reclaiming your freedom and access to your family.