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High Profile Drug Cases

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Defending Seattle Clients Against High Profile Drug Charges

Serious drug charges warrant serious, dedicated counsel. If you have been charged in a high profile drug case, you have a couple of disadvantages against you from the start. A high profile drug case can catapult a federal prosecuting attorney to stardom, so he or she will press for conviction, and use every available resource. The case will be covered extensively in the news, with updates nearly every day, starting with "New developments in the Washington state drug dealer case."

How Can You Possibly Get a Fair Trial?

You need a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer who focuses on defending clients against federal drug charges. You need John Crowley, attorney at law. Mr. Crowley has 13 years of experience in criminal defense. Before going into private practice, he served as a prosecutor and attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice.

He knows all the tricks and shortcuts available to prosecutors, and is dedicated to providing aggressive, strategic counsel in drug trafficking cases. Mr. Crowley understands that you have a lot at stake — your job, your freedom and your future. For a free initial consultation, call the Seattle office of The Crowley Law Firm, PLLC at 206.388.2461. Or contact us by e-mail.

Experience in Dealing with the Media

When the cameras are rolling, you need an attorney who is skilled in managing local and national media. While your case will not be tried in the court of public opinion, Mr. Crowley has found it very important to present your case in the best light. He will protect your rights and promote your cause throughout the lengthy proceedings.

Focusing on the Investigation

If you have been charged with a drug crime under the Controlled Substances Act, you are facing serious penalties, which merit equally serious defense. The act includes violations such as trafficking large amounts of marijuana or cocaine, as well as creating a cartel of five or more persons for distribution. You may also be charged with violations of interstate commerce, that is, investing profits from pot sales in operations that do business across state lines or selling or transporting drugs across state lines.

Federal drug charges are often complex, requiring professional investigation for thorough defense. At The Crowley Law Firm, PLLC we pride ourselves on gathering and evaluating evidence to support our clients' defense, as well as expert testimony. When we need credible witnesses to build a strong defense, we call on a number of proven resources, including Steve Robinson, our professional investigator. He understands life on the street, and knows how to make people comfortable when he is investigating gang activity.

Your Future Is at Stake

If you need seasoned defense against serious drug charges, call John Crowley as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation in our Seattle, Washington, law offices: 206.388.2461, or contact us by e-mail. Spanish and Vietnamese language interpretation is available upon request.