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Gang Crimes

The Crowley Law Firm: Aggressive Defenses of Your Rights

Have you or a friend been accused of a gang crime in Seattle or elsewhere in Washington state? Does the charge involve a violent offense, firearms violation or sex assault crime in Tacoma or Pierce County?

If you are a gang crime felony defendant, or local Seattle parent fearing for your minor or juvenile child's welfare and legal standing, you deserve the legal leadership that John Crowley has been offering with such success since 1997.

This talented former prosecutor pledges his all to your cause and offers experienced, aggressive legal representation to back it up. His criminal defense work has changed and prolonged free lives. He has kept innocent people out of jail and prison, and reunited them with their families. He fights hard for his clients' rights and interests, start to finish.

The Crowley Law Firm strives to cast doubt on every aspect of your gang crime arrest, no matter how minute. If your apprehension was somehow connected to a personal vendetta or agenda, your lawyer and his expert investigators will unearth that factor and make it known. If you were the victim of illegal search and seizure, a frame-up or entrapment, he will uncover that too.

You should contact Mr. Crowley in Seattle right away. He will need to hear the specifics of what led to your arrest, so he can map an effective defense strategy.

Call Now, if You've Been Arrested for Gang Crimes in Seattle: 206.388.2461

The Crowley Law Firm is here for you if your alleged participation in gang activity led to criminal charges for offenses such as:

Gang crime trials are the perfect example of the importance of the phrase "innocent until proven guilty." Paranoia over direct and collateral damage caused by gangs, while well-founded, should not be allowed to influence a jury in your case.

You as an individual deserve the right to have your innocence established beyond that reasonable doubt, gang affiliation or no. Attorney John Crowley will work hard to do that, from the moment of your free initial consultation until your case is resolved.

Be in touch with his full-service Seattle criminal defense law firm today.

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