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Federal Drug Cases

Trust The Crowley Law Firm With Your Criminal Defense

Have you been arrested in Seattle or elsewhere in the state of Washington on federal criminal drug charges?

Your first priority would be to line up an experienced, aggressive defense attorney; someone with a strong track record of hard-won cases, a reputation for battling it out in court and a policy of personal client service.

Since 1997, with the founding of The Crowley Law Firm, John Crowley has stood up for the rights of people like you, charged with drug offenses in federal court.

Mr. Crowley has achieved results for his clients in federal drug cases, time after time. He knows criminal law, the importance of evidence and expert testimony, and how to argue effectively in front of judges and juries on your behalf.

Meet this Seattle criminal defense lawyer during your free initial consultation with The Crowley Law Firm. You can contact Mr. Crowley right now at 206.388.2461 . After-hours phone or e-mail messages are returned promptly.

For 11 Years, a Successful Seattle Criminal Defense Law Office

John Crowley will work hard to defend your rights and win your freedom in federal cases involving criminal narcotics and drugs charges such as:

  • Conspiracy
  • Delivery
  • Distribution
  • Manufacture
  • Possession
  • Possession With Intent to Distribute
  • Trafficking

The Crowley Law Firm is active in federal court in cases involving illegal substances such as powder cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, Ecstasy, cannabis and illegally obtained prescription drugs such as Oxycontin.

Mr. Crowley will scrutinize and analyze every aspect of your arrest for any sign of illegal search and seizure. If asset forfeiture occurred, connected to the drug offenses charges against you, The Crowley Law Firm will strive to protect your rights to possessions.

Heavyweight criminal drug charges call for the assistance and advocacy of a seasoned Seattle defense lawyer like John Crowley.

Arrange Your Free Initial Consultation With Attorney John Crowley

Make your appointment with Mr. Crowley's full-service criminal defense law office at this phone number: 206.388.2461. When you contact him, your potential case will be evaluated free of charge. Spanish and Vietnamese language interpretation is available upon request.