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False Allegations

Crowley Law Firm Answers False Allegations Against You

Have you been the unfairly targeted victim of false allegations in a serious felony case in Washington state?

Do you fear that if these allegations stick, you may spend the rest of your life in prison?

Don't take false allegations lying down. Don't take the advice of lawyers who would have you plead guilty before receiving due process. You should be in touch with The Crowley Law Firm in Seattle immediately.

Founding attorney John Crowley has the reputation, talents for presenting evidence and arguments, and investigative resources that can restore your freedoms and put this ordeal behind you. Since 1997, in high-profile and low-profile cases, he has been helping people just like you to receive a new lease on life.

With a lawyer like Mr. Crowley in your corner, you already have a leg up on those who are unfairly persecuting you with false allegations. He is a former prosecutor, and knows how to frustrate those who do what he used to do so well. You'll like the way he thinks, strategizes for you and stays available to you, throughout your case.

Contact The Crowley Law Firm today and find out what experienced, aggressive legal representation looks like.

Go to the phone, call this number and start striking back at those who would unfairly accuse you of criminal wrongdoing: 206.388.2461 .

You Can Trust Our Years of Experienced and Aggressive Legal Help

Seattle's Crowley Law Firm wants to know about the false allegations you are facing in serious criminal cases such as:

In all of these major criminal defense practice areas, and more, attorney John Crowley will work hard for you in the courtroom. One look at the way he connects with judges, juries and the facts of a case, and you will be glad you chose The Crowley Law Firm to represent your interests, protect your rights and work to get the best results possible in your case.

Contact Our Seattle Criminal Defense Law Office Today

Your free initial consultation with Mr. Crowley is as close as your phone: 206.388.2461. Make the call and make your appointment with him today. You and your family will be glad you did. Those who are falsely accusing you will not be.

You can also contact The Crowley Law Firm by e-mail. Foreign language interpretation is available if you need it.