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Firm Overview

Defending Seattle and Washington Clients Since 1997

A distinguished career beginning with the U.S. Department of Justice.

An equally impressive tenure as a state prosecutor in criminal cases for seven years.

Eleven years of protecting and defending the rights of his clients in Washington state, time after time.

There, in a nutshell, are the reasons behind the reputation of The Crowley Law Firm in Seattle. Attorney John Crowley has helped his criminal defense clients with his aggressive advocacy and diligent legal representation.

He has rescued people from agonizingly long prison sentences. He has contributed to the restoration of their freedoms and reputations. He has helped reunite families after stressful legal crises.

He will work hard to help you obtain the best verdict possible in your case. He will fight for your interests when you are indicted or charged on serious criminal charges.

Mr. Crowley refuses to become the kind of lawyer who urges one client after another to plead guilty, simply to save time and wear and tear on our legal system. It's that kind of advice that wrecks lives and leads to prison overcrowding.

No, John Crowley will fight for you in your criminal case and act in your best interests at all times. He has seen justice delayed and denied too many times, from both sides of the aisle. He is ready to bring the skills and insights learned as a prosecutor to the courtroom on your behalf.

For a closer look at what truly experienced, aggressive criminal defense representation looks like, contact The Crowley Law Firm for a free consultation. Just call 206.388.2461 . But do it soon. Your life and liberties may depend on it.

Tenacious Former Prosecutor in Seattle, Working Hard for You

Here are the many criminal defense practice areas in which The Crowley Law Firm offers services:

Mr. Crowley is also available to assist in situations involving probation violation and reiterations of firearms and voting rights for convicted felons. When you meet with him, you will appreciate the intellectual agility and professional versatility he displays.

Your Free Consultation With The Crowley Law Firm

A thorough discussion of the criminal charges you're facing in Washington is as close as your phone. Contact John Crowley and The Crowley Law Firm in Seattle by calling 206.388.2461.